I believe we are all on this sacred path of being human, and if we’re really honest, none of us have any idea where we’re going or what we’ll encounter along the way. The pain, mystery, and ambiguity of the adventure feel disheartening at times until…

we realize we are all walking together,

connected in miraculous, minuscule ways

with everything and everyone around us.

I often wonder what would happen if we exchanged our truest stories and our aching realities with each other along the way.

Instead of more polarization and separation could we aim for making more eye contact with each other? Could we celebrate our shared desire to keep expanding and evolving in the face of the unknown, even though we might be doing it at different paces?

Art of Adventure is my way of giving you a glimpse into my journey with the hopes you will also share more of yours. Through the written word, I’ll let you in on:

- ideas I’m processing
- beauty I’m noticing,
- questions I’m asking,
- stories I’m loving, and
- words I’m holding close.

And in case you want to know more…

My South African hubby and I have made our home on three different continents and now reside in the Pacific Northwest. We have four wide-eyed little explorers and endless wild ideas. I am an early morning runner, word weaver, outdoor lover, deep thinker, adventure seeker, and creator of Being Human Magazine.

I’m grateful for this small way to connect with you, dear reader. I look forward to hearing from you. And since you’re signed up, every edition of these letters will be sent directly to your inbox, so no need to worry about missing out.