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Well Hello There. I’m back in your inbox today because I’m doing something a little different. If you read Trail Mix Letter :: No. 13 you know I’m…
Why We Drove Away From A Dream, A Summer Course I HIGHLY Recommend, Art as Activism, and more.
Why I'm Grouchy, A Poem You Might Need, Do You Have Mother Hunger, Solving Problems with Play, & More!
The Permission Slip You Need To Give Yourself, 2 Podcast Episodes I'd Listen to Again, A Gorgeous Poem For the Future of Our Planet, Important Thoughts…
The Secret To Happy Change, Plus Some Perfect Words For A Tragic Week, A Fun Summer Calendar, A Book of Experiments, & More!
I need to tell you something, plus 2 fiction books, 5 podcasts, a few quotes, a parenting audio book, and more!
Life Change & The April Favorites List: Books, Podcasts, Pancakes, Quotes!
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