Welcome to Behind-The-Scenes: A Weekly-ish Peek Into My Perplexing Life. I always wonder what’s really going on with people- their hidden dreams, latest obsessions, lifelong passions, all the intriguing tidbits we often don’t have time for in a simple interaction. What I really…
I need to tell you something, plus 2 fiction books, 5 podcasts, a few quotes, a parenting audio book, and more!
Life Change & The April Favorites List: Books, Podcasts, Pancakes, Quotes!
A Little Known Way To Make The World A More Beautiful Place Right Now, A Timely Read, My Favorite Author, & Where To Buy Dahlias
Why I Wiped Out My Instagram, Witnessing Our Own Unfolding, In Praise of Pivots & Podcasts
On Sharing Our Marriages More, 30 Religions, The Influx of Information, & Does Anything Truly "End"
Why I Hid Two Years Worth of Posts, On Doing What's Pleasurable, A Ted Talk, and Three Incredible Books
Books That Broadened My Perspective, Birthed Curiosity, & Lured Me Down Beautiful Paths
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